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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'a watched pot never boils'
They never knew quite why it was true when they said it over many decades. Perspective, its all about perspective. 'time flies when you're having fun'. Sure time is fleeting when you need it. When you're waiting for your pot to boil, a minute is an hour. Life can pass by in a day and one hour can take a lifetime. Perspective. From my perspective at this very moment time is moving at a moderate pace. Yesterday it was dragging its heels like a child on the way to church. Time wanted me to wait, to move slowly. Time didn't want me to go see my friends. When i was with my friends, the clocks skipped an hour. And its all perspective. In the century-wide view, all time passes the same. A minute is only a minute, an hour only an hour, however to us lowly creatures any measure of time seems irrelevant (unless you have a meeting to go to). These measures and tics all seem so changing and fleeting. Time passes differently for every living thing. The moment before you're married takes a lifetime to pass. To an old man with nowhere to be and no worries, time is measured bt his own desires. To a businessman with everywhere to be all at once, time is the enemy. Everyone has their own perspective and if you change it slightly, time is irrelevant. Think about that.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I love bad movies i keep buying bad movies to watch. I am addicted to bad movies. I like the fake deaths and the ridiculous plots. The deaths are so fake. The blood is terrible and falling is bad. They flinch when they fall. Or they die then you see them breath. The best ones have an overly complicated plot where all kinds of things are going on at once i absolutely love that. It makes me happy. Although some of the ones with see-through plots are good too

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love b-rate horror films they are awesome. Crazy and funny films that are supposed to be scary. They really aren't. Its crazy. Who really thought this was a good film? Somebody wrote this thinking it was going to be great. Somebody thought they could make a movie with no budget and the public would find it great. These movies are the dollar movies at walmart an such, i love the plots and how complicated they are supposed to be. I see right through the plots most of the time.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

College registration, permits, fees, transcripts, financial aid, stress. These are all things i am having trouble with. My life is so hectic. I can barely find time for a decent meal, much less time to workout. Bleh. I wish it were easier to find time or manage it because i have so much to do and i cannot get it all done. With class and social life and all the deadlines i need to meet, ugh, so much stress

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh by the way, don't worry about me. My eating disorder is over, i am in counseling now. So don't worry about the 'cry for help' thing you think is going on. I see a therapist and i am healing. So this was not a cry for help it was an outburst over the stupidity of the people like i use to be. They hurt themselves and i wanna stop it. Cuz maybe i care too much.
Pro ana and mia sites. these websites encourage anorexia and bulimia. They show pictures of these bone thin people who they portray as beautiful. This is so hard to deal with for me. I use to look like that. I gave that up a long time ago. I eat now i have to stay normal. I eat and i keep it down. These sites make me so mad. I learned about them from a book i'm reading about eating disorders. People are so dumb. I really hope these people realize how stupid it is and how much harm they're doing. My throat still hurts every time a sneeze, cough, hiccup or anything. It is so torn up. Can you imagine coughing up blood with just a normal little cough? I have acid reflux, hmm i wonder why. Geez stop being so dumb. Sorry. I've gotten help. I'm better now. I realized how stupid it was. I just wish everyone could recover. Its a disease and there really is no cure.
Why are musicians considered artists? I was asked. well as a band kid i have an extremely biased view. Composers are the real artists though. They put their emotions into music, i believe anything you put emotions into is art. Therefore they are artists because they throw their emotions into something and put it out for the world to enjoy. That is why musicians are considered artists.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why the christian faith is ridiculous: i mean to focus specifically on the idea of heaven, currently there are more than six billion people on earth, think of how many people have died throughout the history of the earth. Most of those people, according to christians, will go to heaven. According to the bible, the earth will become heaven. Well, think, do something most christians never do, think, the earth's inhabitable territories are already grossly overpopulated. How is every person that ever lived as a christian going to be on earth and comfortable and happy as heaven promises? Even if there is some cloud forest known as heaven, people could not all be happy because every generation didn't get along and would need to be kept separate but that too would make them unhappy. Don't feed me your bullcrap that your god is all-powerful.

Monday, April 5, 2010

creative careers

if i had to choose and creative career to go into i think it would have to be landscape design, at first this may not seem to be a creative field just let me explain. a landscape designer gets to design the layout of gardens and yards. i would arrange different plants to make a pleasent view and put decorative landscaping to make the yard beautiful, this would keep me outdoors and working with plants but would also keep my artistic side happy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

zombie proof your property: at least a 40 acre plot of land is necessary for this strategie. The outer fence should be a 6 or 9 feet tall wooden privacy fence the wood should be at least 2 inches thick. Behind this fence should be those metal fenceposts, spaced every foot, and chain length fencing on those. Outside this fence should be decorative thorn trees and rosebushes. The gate that leads in should be a tall, sturdy metal gate with no openings. This should be secured shut by three huge vault style deadbolts, that require a passcode and key to open. 5 feet inside the fence is a set of motion detector equitment these should be placed every ten feet leaving no blind spot. If possible decorative ponds should be put around the property and stocked with fish. These ponds should be at least twenty to thirty feet deep in the middle. The ponds will serve as a water and food source when hunkering down when the worst happens. And they will leave less openings for your house to be attacked from. These ponds should be far enough away from the house to leave room for a 2 acre vegtable garden and at least 9 acres for the goats and chickens to graze in. The house should be on the highest point on the property. The house should be three stories high with no windows on the first floor and small windows on the 2nd floor. A panic room fully equipped with guns, ammo, food, and water to last three months per member of the household. I will continue this article next entry so be waiting.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

silly questions

as you may or may not know this blog is for a class, graphic arts. i was asked a question in this class that i was to answer on my blog. well, here it is: "do you think traditional art is still neccessary?". as a theatre enthusiast and amateur thespian, of course i think traditional art is still neccessary. without drama and painting and writing, we wouldn't all have our way of expression. writing is neccessary for the advancement of reading skills and for better understanding of the human psyche. drama helps us have an emotional fix, whether stage acting like mine, or those silly midday soap operas. if we don't have an emotional release we would all be serial killers or crazed psychos.
painting may not be completely neccessary but i see my sister painting and think of how she could never express herself any other way and it would make her go insane without her art. so yes, art is neccessary for human life to be happy, happiness is every humans right to grasp for. emotional expression is what makes us inately human, otherwise we would just be chimpanzees.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Losing weight let's face it, it sucks. I would much rather eat real cake than rice cakes. But as a former bulimic, the thought of being overweight or even upper normal healthy weight scares me. So im trying to get abs again. But this time, no puking. Im ridiculous when it comes to my weight. Im 4' 8'' and weigh around 105. That isn't really skinny but its thin and, considering my muscle mass, very healthy. But i am starting to let some fat creep in. So i am starting to work out more. Dont take this as i am bulimic or anything i refuse to mess my body up any more than it already is. But anyway im trying to get my nice, female style abs back, not a creepy woman six-pack.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Being sick bleh. Didn't go to school today. People at school are texting me, shame shame. I have been coughing up stuff and it is very icky. I have recently discovered chewable fiber supplements, benefiber wild berry. It is delicious, i wish cough syrup could taste that good. Also the only cough drops we have are menthol which makes me sicker. So i cannot use cough drops so it stops hurting. Fml.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

i love the lgbt community I went to gay prom last night and got home at 1am. I danced with a tranny and several gay guys. I love the LGBT community everybody is so supportive. I even got a phone number.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Having to wait an hour for appointments My appointment was at 10:30am it is now 11:30am and river valley has still not seen me all i need is a refill on a prescription but they must make me miss two class periods and lunch to get it now wonder she thinks i have irratic angry moods, making me wait an hour when i should be eating lunch or learning. That makes me so mad. I am not going to get to eat lunch now. I am skinny as it is i need my food to fuel my inner fat kid!!! Why must doctors have a better than thou attitude? If you need a psycologist never go to river valley.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

People keep dissing my dreads. oh man i hear people talking i am not sure people understand that. It takes a lot of work to make dreads work. People think its gross and that i just let my hair mat into this. That is stupid because it takes a lot of effort to look like this. Oh and really i do wash my hair. Twice a week which is more than most guys and people with dry hair. Just because i am not black doesn't mean i cannot have nice looking dreads and look freaking great with them. At least i can dress myself without looking like a prostitute. Ugh skanks make me mad... And my dreads look great for their age, normally it takes six months to look good. I know the back looks flat, i sleep on my back so it gets messed up like any hairstyle would. Well that is all, peace.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Okay i give up on finding things i hate. So today i washed my dreadlocks and they smell aweful. As long as there is plenty of wax on them they don't smell bad but when i use my fragrance free residue free and non comodegenic shampoo, my dreadlocks smell aweful. Absolutely aweful. I caught a whiff of them and gagged. Anyway it doesn't matter i love my dreadlocks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zombies of you hate zombies also maybe you should think about joining ZASS. Wanna know what ZASS is? It stands for zombie apocolypse survival squad. Wanna know what we do? All of us train for the day when the dead rise and try to eat our flesh. We go on bi-weekly hiking trips at audubon park. We walk around 5 miles on every trip on hilly and muddy paths. We are going off path and setting up a survival scenario next trip. Also we encourage our members to strength train, get plenty of cardiovascular exercise in and eat healthy so they can fight off a zombie. Wanna join and get exclusive tips and info on ZASS events? Contact me or Carol for information. Or go look me up on twitter: random_phrase is my username. ZASS hopes to have a get together with our sister ZEST from brescia. Anyway if you are interested contact us and join
Bad acting we have been watching lifetime movies in my sociology class. Okay they aren't lifetime movies but close to it. All of them are about child abuse and its after effects. The acting is aweful. It is distracting from the plot of the movie and i can barely focus on horrors displayed in the film. Im not such a great thespian that i should criticize the actors but whoever cast them must have had his limited budget in mind, or only bad actors tried out and these were the least horrible

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raw food diets my sister just put shredded carrots, spinach, lemon juice, water and spices in a blender and is about to eat it. I am so confused as to what makes her think this is a healthy diet. I cannot see where she is getting protien. If i was on a raw food diet i would at least look up raw recipes first. Looking at the horrible soupy spinach stuff she is eating makes me sick. I know all raw food-ists do not eat this kinda stuff but she is making me not want to ever be a raw food-ist

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Philosophy that completely blows my mind I just got a lesson on the ten dimensions. All possible paths everything and everyone can have taken in all possible universes is just one point in the tenth dimension. Also iacobus told me about how we see universes that are billions of lightyears away and what we see of them already happened so when we die we are released from what the light shows us and we see everything that has ever happened. So according to this theory everything that is going to happen has already happened.

Monday, March 1, 2010

preteens and young teens having sex

i really don't appreciate it when my young friends come to me heartbroken and crying because their way to old boyfriend broke up with them. it wouldn't be nearly so bad for these kids if they wouldn't have sex so early. i'd be ok if they'd just wait til 16. what happened to getting your drivers license then having that kind of freedom. this also has contributed to teen pregnancy, if you have sex earlier you do more risky types of sex when you get a bit older and by 16 you're a skank and don't wrap that up.


its considered way worse than bulimia. people with bulimia get way overshadowed because they don't lose weight as drastically or as fast as anorexics, but bulimia is actually worse in the long run. it decays teeth and puts acid burns in the esophagus. also if you quit, you have acid reflux your entire life. it is crazy and aweful. besides, if they need help at least people see that they are in trouble. often it can be ignored that there is a problem because bulimics eat. when we/they purge it is in private and nobody knows so they say it doesn't happen. it is aweful. and anorexics try to make people feel sorry for them. grrr. sorry old wounds.


owwwie! you didn't need to know that. sorry. but i am cramping so bad. i mean its kinda ok because i only get like this every few months. it really hurts when you get Mirena, it makes the cramps a lot worse. at least the birth control is effective for 5 years.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teachers that dont teach. Of course to some degree each student is responsible for their own education but we should at leastbe tol what is expected of us. If the teacher cannot teach why are they being paid?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Video games sure they're fun but i mean they waste time, eat at social life and give you that unhealthy need for blood

Friday, February 12, 2010


i know some things are vulgur, or against your religion or maybe just offend you, but please never censor it is even more vulgur than whatever it is you are censoring. people only want to see the things you censor more, it never works. school censors tell us we can't get on any website that is not informational, so we find ways around and do worse than we would've if you'd just let us have our damn email. that is all. i have no internet at home, i like facebook and similar sites, which i haven't checked in weeks

Monday, February 8, 2010

pushy christians

i do not want to talk about religion. it is not something i like to discuss, it just causes a lot of yelling and anger. i can be offensive, i try not to. if you want to discuss religion do not get offended when i don't agree with you. you wanted to discuss it not just have everyone agree. seriously its crazy, not everybody is the same! stop shoving your bibles down peoples throats and listen to other peoples ideas once in a while.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

acid reflux

i can't sleep at night without feeling stomach acid eating my esophagus. and don't assume its just because i'm american and drink soda all the time. i actually have a relatively healthy diet and rarely drink soda. i just have an overproduction of stomach acid.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the game escape the oval office

this game is a horrid excuse for a game. it blatently makes fun of George W., which in itself is not so bad. it is poorly thought out and a waste of time. not even a fun waste of time. if you are looking to play a game to waste your time, do not choose this. however i do recommend playing escape the bookstore and escape the bathroom. great. i haven't beat escape the coffee house yet. i like the escape games. but not escape the oval office. its stupid and offensive.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

teen pregnancy

i'm not saying we should all keep it in our pants til marriage, but at least use birth control. or a condom. pull&pray doesn't work. i swear. use a freaking condom. i don't care if he says he loves you, make him wrap his tool. for real. a good friend of mine is preggo and i'm probably gonna end up babysitting that thing for a while. its crazy. i think i'm gonna make it call me dad. i'm a girl. it's gonna be great. can't wait. she wants me in the delivery room. haha. i mwouldn't mind the pregnancy so much if she didn't have to plat guess who to find the dad. its one of two guys... if it comes out a redhead, we'll know.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

People who try to make connections that dont exist. Just because things coincide doesnt mean they are related.

Friday, January 29, 2010

People who have their kids names picked out at the age of ten. Im chillin witha pregnant friend of mine who has had the middle names picked out since we were twelve

stupid weathermen

weatherman, you lied to me. i can no longer trust you. i think our relationship has come to an abrupt halt. i cannot trust you anymore. how will i ever trust you again. you promised me snow, then changed your story, then changed it back, but it never came true. you lied. i'm sorry. that makes me angry, and i refuse to trust you anymore. i'm sorry but its over, i'm switching channels. i hope your ratings will be okay, but a lot of people are angry with you over this. have a nice show.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


people who tell you they are smoking their last cigarrette when you can see the almost full pack in their bag/pocket. it would be perfectly fine if they'd just tell you to go away. i mean sure its bumming and people don't like that. but really, its lying and thats horrible. tell the truth.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Psycologists. These people want you to talk about how you feel. Even if there is nothing there to say. They get paid to mess with your head. How does that make YOU feel?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Americans who think everybody should speak english but never bother to learn any other language. They make fun of people's accents but those people are smarter than them and nicer, because they learned two languages to convienence those of us that only speak one

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deadbeat fathers. If you fathered the thing you shoul take care of it. Really. And your kids need a dad, so stop being too good for them

Friday, January 22, 2010

Not angry about mobile updates. That makes me happy. Thank you, blogger.com!

When couples "take a break"

first of all they should just call it what it is, breaking up, or an excuse to have sex with somebody else. gotta hate that. it is really ridiculous, i wish people would stop toying with eachother and either be together or break up. oh well. all i can do is complain. just as a rule, i will not blog about pop culture. i'm talking about the couples around me, if they need to take a break how do they think they'll be able to stay together when they're married and have kids? people can't take a few weeks break in raising their kids...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mental hospitals

i'm angry that people can be held against their will for being a little different. its kind of ridiculous. but maybe if they sign themselves in its ok. too many of the people i know are a little different whether people go away for two weeks of two months, it hurts us on the outside.