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Thursday, March 18, 2010

People keep dissing my dreads. oh man i hear people talking i am not sure people understand that. It takes a lot of work to make dreads work. People think its gross and that i just let my hair mat into this. That is stupid because it takes a lot of effort to look like this. Oh and really i do wash my hair. Twice a week which is more than most guys and people with dry hair. Just because i am not black doesn't mean i cannot have nice looking dreads and look freaking great with them. At least i can dress myself without looking like a prostitute. Ugh skanks make me mad... And my dreads look great for their age, normally it takes six months to look good. I know the back looks flat, i sleep on my back so it gets messed up like any hairstyle would. Well that is all, peace.

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