which type of chocolate do you like best?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh by the way, don't worry about me. My eating disorder is over, i am in counseling now. So don't worry about the 'cry for help' thing you think is going on. I see a therapist and i am healing. So this was not a cry for help it was an outburst over the stupidity of the people like i use to be. They hurt themselves and i wanna stop it. Cuz maybe i care too much.
Pro ana and mia sites. these websites encourage anorexia and bulimia. They show pictures of these bone thin people who they portray as beautiful. This is so hard to deal with for me. I use to look like that. I gave that up a long time ago. I eat now i have to stay normal. I eat and i keep it down. These sites make me so mad. I learned about them from a book i'm reading about eating disorders. People are so dumb. I really hope these people realize how stupid it is and how much harm they're doing. My throat still hurts every time a sneeze, cough, hiccup or anything. It is so torn up. Can you imagine coughing up blood with just a normal little cough? I have acid reflux, hmm i wonder why. Geez stop being so dumb. Sorry. I've gotten help. I'm better now. I realized how stupid it was. I just wish everyone could recover. Its a disease and there really is no cure.
Why are musicians considered artists? I was asked. well as a band kid i have an extremely biased view. Composers are the real artists though. They put their emotions into music, i believe anything you put emotions into is art. Therefore they are artists because they throw their emotions into something and put it out for the world to enjoy. That is why musicians are considered artists.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why the christian faith is ridiculous: i mean to focus specifically on the idea of heaven, currently there are more than six billion people on earth, think of how many people have died throughout the history of the earth. Most of those people, according to christians, will go to heaven. According to the bible, the earth will become heaven. Well, think, do something most christians never do, think, the earth's inhabitable territories are already grossly overpopulated. How is every person that ever lived as a christian going to be on earth and comfortable and happy as heaven promises? Even if there is some cloud forest known as heaven, people could not all be happy because every generation didn't get along and would need to be kept separate but that too would make them unhappy. Don't feed me your bullcrap that your god is all-powerful.

Monday, April 5, 2010

creative careers

if i had to choose and creative career to go into i think it would have to be landscape design, at first this may not seem to be a creative field just let me explain. a landscape designer gets to design the layout of gardens and yards. i would arrange different plants to make a pleasent view and put decorative landscaping to make the yard beautiful, this would keep me outdoors and working with plants but would also keep my artistic side happy.