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Thursday, March 25, 2010

zombie proof your property: at least a 40 acre plot of land is necessary for this strategie. The outer fence should be a 6 or 9 feet tall wooden privacy fence the wood should be at least 2 inches thick. Behind this fence should be those metal fenceposts, spaced every foot, and chain length fencing on those. Outside this fence should be decorative thorn trees and rosebushes. The gate that leads in should be a tall, sturdy metal gate with no openings. This should be secured shut by three huge vault style deadbolts, that require a passcode and key to open. 5 feet inside the fence is a set of motion detector equitment these should be placed every ten feet leaving no blind spot. If possible decorative ponds should be put around the property and stocked with fish. These ponds should be at least twenty to thirty feet deep in the middle. The ponds will serve as a water and food source when hunkering down when the worst happens. And they will leave less openings for your house to be attacked from. These ponds should be far enough away from the house to leave room for a 2 acre vegtable garden and at least 9 acres for the goats and chickens to graze in. The house should be on the highest point on the property. The house should be three stories high with no windows on the first floor and small windows on the 2nd floor. A panic room fully equipped with guns, ammo, food, and water to last three months per member of the household. I will continue this article next entry so be waiting.

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