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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'a watched pot never boils'
They never knew quite why it was true when they said it over many decades. Perspective, its all about perspective. 'time flies when you're having fun'. Sure time is fleeting when you need it. When you're waiting for your pot to boil, a minute is an hour. Life can pass by in a day and one hour can take a lifetime. Perspective. From my perspective at this very moment time is moving at a moderate pace. Yesterday it was dragging its heels like a child on the way to church. Time wanted me to wait, to move slowly. Time didn't want me to go see my friends. When i was with my friends, the clocks skipped an hour. And its all perspective. In the century-wide view, all time passes the same. A minute is only a minute, an hour only an hour, however to us lowly creatures any measure of time seems irrelevant (unless you have a meeting to go to). These measures and tics all seem so changing and fleeting. Time passes differently for every living thing. The moment before you're married takes a lifetime to pass. To an old man with nowhere to be and no worries, time is measured bt his own desires. To a businessman with everywhere to be all at once, time is the enemy. Everyone has their own perspective and if you change it slightly, time is irrelevant. Think about that.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I love bad movies i keep buying bad movies to watch. I am addicted to bad movies. I like the fake deaths and the ridiculous plots. The deaths are so fake. The blood is terrible and falling is bad. They flinch when they fall. Or they die then you see them breath. The best ones have an overly complicated plot where all kinds of things are going on at once i absolutely love that. It makes me happy. Although some of the ones with see-through plots are good too