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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

silly questions

as you may or may not know this blog is for a class, graphic arts. i was asked a question in this class that i was to answer on my blog. well, here it is: "do you think traditional art is still neccessary?". as a theatre enthusiast and amateur thespian, of course i think traditional art is still neccessary. without drama and painting and writing, we wouldn't all have our way of expression. writing is neccessary for the advancement of reading skills and for better understanding of the human psyche. drama helps us have an emotional fix, whether stage acting like mine, or those silly midday soap operas. if we don't have an emotional release we would all be serial killers or crazed psychos.
painting may not be completely neccessary but i see my sister painting and think of how she could never express herself any other way and it would make her go insane without her art. so yes, art is neccessary for human life to be happy, happiness is every humans right to grasp for. emotional expression is what makes us inately human, otherwise we would just be chimpanzees.

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