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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zombies of you hate zombies also maybe you should think about joining ZASS. Wanna know what ZASS is? It stands for zombie apocolypse survival squad. Wanna know what we do? All of us train for the day when the dead rise and try to eat our flesh. We go on bi-weekly hiking trips at audubon park. We walk around 5 miles on every trip on hilly and muddy paths. We are going off path and setting up a survival scenario next trip. Also we encourage our members to strength train, get plenty of cardiovascular exercise in and eat healthy so they can fight off a zombie. Wanna join and get exclusive tips and info on ZASS events? Contact me or Carol for information. Or go look me up on twitter: random_phrase is my username. ZASS hopes to have a get together with our sister ZEST from brescia. Anyway if you are interested contact us and join

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